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I assist in building a successful company using the Balanced Scorecard system tools, ensuring your employees perform well because they feel committed and valued.

The Balanced Scorecard is a compass that objectively shows where your company stands financially, how your customers see you, how efficient your internal processes are, and how successful you are in learning and development. All the while, you can clearly see what the next step is for you. Just imagine how successfully you can manage challenges with this knowledge!

Allow me to share my personal story with you.

I had already started working during my university studies in engineering. At a relatively young age, I became the IT manager for the Hungarian branch of the Austria Tabak (JTI) wholesaler company. At that time, the company was among the top 10 in the domestic market in terms of revenue and growth dynamics. During this period, I obtained a postgraduate degree in finance and accounting, and I became familiar with enterprise resource planning systems (ERP).

The ERP systems fascinated me so much that I continued my career as a programmer and junior IT consultant. I climbed the professional ladder again, and by the age of 35, I had reached the point where I could lead the Hungarian distribution of a market-leading multinational company developing global industry software solutions (ERP, CRM, MRP), listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, as a founding owner for five years.

In an inspiring and challenging environment, one develops quickly. As a company leader, I raised efficiency to a high level early on. Then, time becomes one of the most valuable assets. Suddenly, there is very little of it. At the cost of serious learning, I also realized that everyone has the team they deserve. As an ESTJ personality, I felt comfortable in the executive role, but over time I discovered that other things make me happy. I found myself when I distanced a bit from the expectations of the consumer society.

László Izsó business mentor

I am

László Izsó

with more than two decades of professional experience in enterprise management systems, business processes, and management.

My area of expertise is ERP systems and the Balanced Scorecard.

Achieve the freedom you've long desired!

Do you feel trapped in a massive hamster wheel?

Cash flow, Time management, Workforce motivation, Business growth and scalability, Technological advancement.

How do I objectively measure performance?

Customer satisfaction, Resource utilization, Decision-making, Motivation, Competitiveness, Communication.

Let's figure out together what is causing your issues!

Market position, Employee morale, Resource utilization, Leadership credibility, Decision-making issues.

Let's build a super team that ensures success!

Productivity, Turnover, Innovation, Customer satisfaction, Conflicts, Leadership challenges, High turnover.

Let's make the company self-driving!

Burnout and exhaustion, Growth limitations, Decision-making pressure, Response time, Succession and handover.

Let's elevate your company's efficiency to the peak!

Competitiveness, Customer satisfaction, Resource wastage, Motivation, Innovation, Leadership challenges.

Eight reasons to choose me!

1. Instead of general seminars and online courses, I offer a personalized mentoring program tailored just for you. This program is not just about assignments; every aspect is carefully customized to your individual situation and the current needs of your business.

2. I understand the feeling of groping in the dark in an unfamiliar territory. I've been through the rough path of building a company myself, making numerous mistakes while wasting time and a lot of resources. My mentoring aims to provide you with a more effective and smoother path, avoiding the pitfalls I encountered.

3. Mentoring is an excellent tool for achieving your goals, but its long-term effectiveness largely depends on your commitment to independent learning. True deep understanding and comprehensive knowledge can only be achieved through continuous learning and development. With my experience and extensive network of partners, I provide access to resources and opportunities that may be difficult for others to reach.

4. I have an incredibly broad experience, from global multinational corporations to domestic small businesses. Throughout my career, I have worked in a variety of positions, from entry-level to middle and senior management, expert, and entrepreneurial roles. Having navigated the organizational hierarchy in both directions, I possess a unique perspective and comprehensive understanding.

5. Thanks to my diverse work experiences in technical, engineering, accounting, financial, logistics, commercial, and manufacturing fields, I speak the languages of various specializations fluently. I quickly grasp the perspectives of specialists in different areas and the dynamics of corporate operations, providing a significant advantage in professional communication and performance measurement challenges.

6. In the digital age, optimizing corporate processes and integrating software systems present increasingly complex challenges. As a company grows and its technological sophistication increases, so does the necessity for resources and investments in digitalization. With over twenty years of experience in ERP, CRM, and MRP systems, I bring a particularly valuable contribution to this area.

7. Quality data collection and measurement alone are not enough. The real value lies in the careful selection of indicators and the correct interpretation of measured results. This area is one of my strengths. The main goal of indicators and statistics is to timely detect trends and more effectively optimize company operations, including decision-making, performance evaluation, market analysis, risk management, resource planning, product and service development, and quality control.

8. I invest extraordinary energy and complete commitment into every project because my true motivation comes from success and achieving our common goals. I only engage with projects where I see the potential for development. With my extensive professional experience and network of partners, I always strive to provide you with the best possible mentoring.

"Everything we measure improves." - Anonymous
"A business cannot grow faster than its leader can learn." - Balogh Péter, entrepreneur, angel investor.
"Don't let your own company grind you down!" - Egerszegi Krisztián, founder of the Cégépítők Podcast.
"What cannot be measured, cannot be managed." - Peter Drucker, management consultant.
"You need to work on your business, not in your business!" - Biros Levente, founder of the Szemléletváltó mentor program.
"Performance indicators are like a map in treasure hunting: they show you where to dig." - Anonymous
"The meaning of our life is given by continuous learning and development, which enables us to be stable supports for ourselves and our environment alike." - Piroska Gyula, business consultant, trainer.
"Measurement alone is not enough. We also need to know what to do with the data." - W. Edwards Deming, statistician, management consultant.
"Success is not accidental. Success is the result of measurable decisions and actions." - Anonymous
"Real development begins when we step out of our comfort zone." - Szabó Péter, motivational speaker, trainer, and author.
"Businesses born in a crisis are always more viable." - Wolf Gábor, marketing consultant.vvvv
"The quality of relationships determines the quality of our life." - Gangel Péter, founder of the Bizalmi Kör Vezetői Klub.

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