This is how the mentoring program works

My Customized Mentoring Program specifically focuses on the application of the Balanced Scorecard system and on building your business. In this program, you yourself shape the mentoring to suit your own development needs and the situation of your company. The key to success is mutual commitment, openness to learning, and both of us actively participating in the process. As your mentor, my goal is to support you in your development, but you have to do the work yourself.

First meeting

This is where it all begins. The first step is getting to know each other – we'll talk about your goals and set the framework for our collaboration. We'll discuss how often we should meet, how we should communicate, how to give each other feedback, and how to handle conflicts. In this phase, we emphasize the importance of trust, honesty, and mutual respect. During the getting-to-know-you process, I aim to get as complete a picture as possible of you and your business, to understand the current situation, your goals, and your challenges.

Setting Goals and Developing Strategic Directions

In this step, we'll jointly define the strategic goals you want to achieve using the Balanced Scorecard system. Our focus will be on the four key perspectives – finance, customers, internal processes, learning, and growth – to ensure balanced development in every area of your business.

Action Plan – Putting Strategies into Practice

After defining your goals, we'll work together to create a detailed action plan that includes specific tasks, deadlines, and key milestones. As your mentor, I'll provide direction, training, and support, while you actively work towards achieving your goals.

Monitoring and Feedback – Continuous Improvement

Every two weeks, we'll review your progress together, and I'll provide feedback on your performance based on the Balanced Scorecard indicators. This helps us fine-tune the strategy, analyze the results, and ensure continuous improvement. My feedback aims to keep you motivated and feel supported on your development journey. In our consultations, I'll guide you, train you, and stand by you every step of the way.

Reflection and Closure – Evaluating Progress

The ideal mentoring period is one year, divided into quarterly sprints. At the end of each sprint, we'll review what we've achieved together. This reflection period is the perfect opportunity to highlight key lessons, assess how much we've grown, and if necessary, reassess our situation and refine our goals.

Upon the conclusion of the one-year mentoring program, we'll jointly review our experiences and the results achieved, with special attention to how the Balanced Scorecard system has contributed to the success of your business. I'm confident that the knowledge gained will continue to support your company's growth. I hope we can continue our relationship on a friendly level as well.

"Everything we measure improves." – Pearson's Law.
"Don't measure everything that counts; only what helps you achieve your goals." - Anonymous.
"What gets measured gets managed." - Peter Drucker.
"Measurement alone is not enough. We must also know what to do with the data." - W. Edwards Deming.
"The performance indicators are like a map in treasure hunting: they show where to dig." - Anonymous.
"Using performance indicators is not just about finding out where we stand, but also about inspiring ourselves and our team towards continuous improvement." – Anonymous.
"Without performance indicators, the strategy is just a wish list." - Anonymous.
"Success is not accidental. Success is the result of measurable decisions and actions." - Anonymous.

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