Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of mentoring in the program?

The goal of the program is to provide personalized support in understanding and applying the Balanced Scorecard system, as well as to assist in building your company. The focus is on continuous development and achieving long-term success.

How long does the mentoring program last?

The duration of the mentoring program varies, typically ranging from a few months to a year, depending on the goals we set and how quickly we progress towards their realization. The duration is customized according to the participant's needs.

What prerequisites are needed for the program?

To join the program, I ask for one main thing: be truly committed and open to learning. If you have already heard of the Balanced Scorecard and have some experience in the business world, that's a great advantage for you. But if this is a new area for you, don't worry, we start from the beginning and proceed at your pace to ensure you can keep up.

How does communication take place?

Communication occurs through multiple channels, including email, phone calls, and video calls. We regularly hold meetings to evaluate progress and discuss next steps. Quick questions and feedback are addressed via email or instant messaging applications.

How often do we meet?

The frequency of meetings is determined by individual needs and the intensity of the program. We usually meet every two weeks, but this can be adjusted as needed.

How do we measure progress?

Your progress is monitored through various indicators of the Balanced Scorecard, such as your financial results, customer satisfaction, the efficiency of internal processes, and your learning and development capabilities. We regularly review these figures to know where you stand and, if necessary, refine your strategy together.

What can I do if I disagree with the mentor's suggestions?

I consider it very important in mentoring to have honest and open conversations. If you disagree with any of my suggestions or guidance, don't hesitate, let's discuss it! My goal is to help you achieve what you want, so your opinion and needs matter in every decision I make.

How do we handle it if my business's market changes completely during the mentoring program?

If your market changes suddenly and unexpectedly, our first task will be to examine how this affects your business. Due to the flexibility of the Balanced Scorecard system, we can respond quickly: we'll re-evaluate your strategies, and if necessary, define new goals to ensure your business remains relevant and competitive.

What happens if we achieve the set goals during the program's duration?

If we manage to achieve the set goals during the program, we will review the experiences together and discuss the next steps. There is an option to set new goals and continue the mentoring, or to successfully conclude the program and move on independently.

How can I minimize mentoring costs while maximizing the benefits?

By actively participating in the mentoring process and quickly applying the recommendations, you can get the most out of the mentoring. Clearly defining your goals and expectations can save you a lot of unnecessary time and money.

What is the cost of the program?

The fee for the program is customized, determined together based on its duration, intensity, and your unique needs. Our first meeting, which is free, is specifically about discussing the costs in detail.

How should we react if an unexpected economic crisis affects my business during the mentoring period?

In the event of an unexpected economic crisis, the most important thing is to respond quickly and effectively. With the Balanced Scorecard system, we re-evaluate our priorities, especially the financial and customer perspectives, to ensure your business's liquidity and maintain customer relationships. We also develop strategic emergency plans to minimize the impact of the crisis.

Does the mentoring take place online, in-person, or in a hybrid format?

The mentoring follows a flexible format that includes online, in-person, and hybrid approaches, depending on what best meets your needs and situation.

Is there an option for group mentoring?

Currently, the program focuses exclusively on individual mentoring to provide maximally personalized support. However, I am open to organizing workshops and group training sessions if there is a demand for it.

How often do I need to report my progress?

We evaluate your progress bi-weekly during our regular meetings, where we review the results achieved and challenges faced together. Active communication and regular feedback are key to the success of the program.

Why can't you guarantee my success? If your advice doesn't work, do I get my money back?

Mentoring cannot guarantee automatic success as it depends on many external factors and your own efforts. Refunding the invested time, energy, and financial resources is not a practice, as the mentoring process itself is valuable, offering new perspectives and learning opportunities.

What should I do if, during the mentoring program, I realize that I need a completely new business model?

If you discover during mentoring that you need a completely new business model, we will work together to design and integrate the new model into your existing strategies. Using the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard, we ensure that the new business model perfectly aligns with your long-term goals and makes your business even more stable.

What can I do if my goals change during the program?

We can start rethinking and fine-tuning your goals at any time if the world around you changes or you find new things important. Flexibility and adaptability to move together are highly valued in mentoring.

What happens if the program ends but I need further support?

Even after the program ends, I am here for you if you need additional advice or support. Extending the mentoring period or having ad-hoc consultations are options to ensure your continuous development.

How can I give positive feedback to my mentor to express how much I appreciate their guidance?

Positive feedback is always incredibly valuable! Sharing directly and personally about how the advice or support helped you, spiced with specific examples, means a lot to me. If you like, you can also share your successes in our Facebook group, highlighting how the mentoring contributed to these achievements.

"Everything we measure improves." – Pearson's Law.
"Don't measure everything that counts; only what helps you achieve your goals." - Anonymous.
"What gets measured gets managed." - Peter Drucker.
"Measurement alone is not enough. We must also know what to do with the data." - W. Edwards Deming.
"The performance indicators are like a map in treasure hunting: they show where to dig." - Anonymous.
"Using performance indicators is not just about finding out where we stand, but also about inspiring ourselves and our team towards continuous improvement." – Anonymous.
"Without performance indicators, the strategy is just a wish list." - Anonymous.
"Success is not accidental. Success is the result of measurable decisions and actions." - Anonymous.

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